Podcast #70: Happy Melly Makes A Happy Hazel

I am a change management neophyte. Enthusiastic and firmly converted but a neophyte none the less. With Happy Melly Exploration Day coming up on October 19th, I thought it best to bring someone on Across the Desk who has more experience than me. Meet Hazel van der Werken. Since being involved with lean practices in … Continue reading Podcast #70: Happy Melly Makes A Happy Hazel

The Power of a Story

But in pictures ... Back in November, Marguerite Zimmerman, owner of e=mz2, changed the way I look at sales forever. While I've got a fair bit of sales experience, what I learned at the workshop gave me insight that I never would have learned otherwise. Being in business for myself, sales isĀ an area of business … Continue reading The Power of a Story