Podcast #62: Love the Block. Be the Block.

A few weeks ago I met up with my friend Marguerite Zimmerman. We were chatting about our upcoming workshop and she brought up a great point. Blocks are a pain in the butt. But if you can find a way to love the block and learn how to beat the block then the pain factor? … Continue reading Podcast #62: Love the Block. Be the Block.

What Does Your Smile Hide?

It's not odd to see Ken smiling. In fact, it's how I most see his face. When he says hello, he's smiling. When you chat with him, his smile invariably creeps up on his face. His smile is infectious and just makes you feel better to be around. What Ken's smile hides is his battle … Continue reading What Does Your Smile Hide?

Take A Load Off

Is it different being a female entrepreneur than a male? Well, never having been a male, I'm not sure of the answer. But having been a female for a very long time (as in always), I know what the experience is like for me. That's not to say that men don't share some of the … Continue reading Take A Load Off

How Much Do You Give To Your Business?

And why you're silly not too ... I'm what's known, by Adam Grant terms anyway, as a giver. I always give before thinking about personal gain. Sounds completely awesome right? How amazing am I?? But this can turn in to a negative thing if you don't manage it properly. Giving with your heart without thinking … Continue reading How Much Do You Give To Your Business?

Mojo Your Strategy

What do I love about series? Well if it's books, then I love getting to continue with the characters that I get involved with. Yes, I'm one of THOSE readers. If it's TV, well that's self explanatory. Who doesn't love Life in Pieces, Big Bang Theory or Anne of Green Gables (Meagan Follows version only … Continue reading Mojo Your Strategy