Podcast #70: Happy Melly Makes A Happy Hazel

I am a change management neophyte. Enthusiastic and firmly converted but a neophyte none the less. With Happy Melly Exploration Day coming up on October 19th, I thought it best to bring someone on Across the Desk who has more experience than me. Meet Hazel van der Werken. Since being involved with lean practices in … Continue reading Podcast #70: Happy Melly Makes A Happy Hazel

Education Improves Your Ceiling Height

Is it time to dust off that backpack? I realize that for some of us, high school was a long time ago. I mean loooonggggg ago. But I for one still love learning. I love taking new courses and got quite excited when I signed up for my 3rd online course to learn how to … Continue reading Education Improves Your Ceiling Height

Wise Word Wednesdays – Pitch Anything

Have you ever wondered what's really going through a prospects' mind while you're pitching away about your business? Did fear ever come to mind? Me either. Most people don't think of themselves or their service / product as scary but that's how those hearing the message can feel. While listening to you they are evaluating … Continue reading Wise Word Wednesdays – Pitch Anything

Wise Word Wednesday – Success Magazine

  I am certifiable when it comes to books but sometimes a book is just not in the cards as part of your learning style. That's just fine. Good thing there are magazines. Some people don't see the value but I've seen it in Success Magazine since 2013. This resource is part self-help, part business … Continue reading Wise Word Wednesday – Success Magazine


A Spectacular 10 of an Ugly Cry

What happens when you don't see the flame before the burnout So my husband is occasionally right. Notice I say occasionally. I have admitted that in public before but probably under my breath and mumbling while slurping a tea. It's not that he doesn't deserve to be told he's right but he's kind of smug … Continue reading A Spectacular 10 of an Ugly Cry