Podcast #67: Living Big and Partnering to Set Up for Success

There may or may not be the use of the word bullshit in this blog and in the podcast. Just sayin. Sometimes in business, people can be loathe to partner with others. Why? I'm not sure. I'm a huge fan of partnering with others, combining forces and sharing resources. Not tooting my own horn but … Continue reading Podcast #67: Living Big and Partnering to Set Up for Success

Mojo Your Strategy

What do I love about series? Well if it's books, then I love getting to continue with the characters that I get involved with. Yes, I'm one of THOSE readers. If it's TV, well that's self explanatory. Who doesn't love Life in Pieces, Big Bang Theory or Anne of Green Gables (Meagan Follows version only … Continue reading Mojo Your Strategy

Is a Great Business Idea Enough to Succeed?

Or is having help to the execution line what you need? Now while the intro to this podcast is a bit racy, I assure you it was said with love and respect. Speaking of love: entrepreneurs are famous for falling in love. With stars in their eyes and wishes on their lips, they know that … Continue reading Is a Great Business Idea Enough to Succeed?

How Can I Be Of Service?

And help you provide WOW! for your customers So who's the real Hazel van der Werken? Well it turns out that apart from having a kick ass ass accent, she is an extremely well traveled business person who has worked in Scotland, Holland, Tokyo and a variety of international locales that made me┬árethink my current … Continue reading How Can I Be Of Service?

Who’s the Boss?

Experience. Research. Support. The big 3 before you say no to being an employee. I don't know about you, but I got fed up being an employee shortly after becoming one. It's not that I didn't have good bosses (in fact I've had some great ones) but I got really tired really fast of following … Continue reading Who’s the Boss?