Across the Apothecary with Ken Jaques

Two years ago this rather tall, rather bald and rather smiley gentleman joined my healthcare networking group. He was pioneering this new community focused health care initiative that would get health care professionals from all aspects of health and the members of the community they serve talking. Ken and I immediately got in to a … Continue reading Across the Apothecary with Ken Jaques

Take A Load Off

Is it different being a female entrepreneur than a male? Well, never having been a male, I'm not sure of the answer. But having been a female for a very long time (as in always), I know what the experience is like for me. That's not to say that men don't share some of the … Continue reading Take A Load Off

Events Lead to More Events

Yes. It is a play on words. Yes. You will see what I mean shortly. Have you ever had a little voice give you a nudge? And have you ever listened to the nudge and had something awesome happen? That was me on Friday. And all because I go to events and put on events. Those … Continue reading Events Lead to More Events

Get to Know Me: Let’s Go to the Movies!

  I firmly believe that part of business success is sharing part of your real self. That includes on social media. I cannot stand following people only to discover that they entire content consists of top 5's, webinar links and marketing messaging. Drives me clinical. So in that spirit - meet me and my penchant … Continue reading Get to Know Me: Let’s Go to the Movies!

What’s Wrong With Being a Geek?

His Honor shares his insights with the commoners ... I sat down with Rob Duvall last week and learned a surprising fact about this well-spoken, friendly, outgoing guy: In highschool and college, Rob was a self-professed geek. Now I could continue to say was, but quite frankly something tells me that a bit of that geek … Continue reading What’s Wrong With Being a Geek?