Like A Surgeon

Like most people new to the entrepreneur game, I've spent most of my working life working for someone else. I've never had to negotiate contracts or hard line anyone. Well not much anyway and I've usually had the backing of someone must wiser and tougher than me which makes taking the hard line much easier. … Continue reading Like A Surgeon

So What’s Up?

Do you ever look at a task list and think, "I can get all that done!" and then two months later some of the same items are still sitting unchecked? That's what it has been like for blogging. As a communications consultant you'd think I'd realize the importance of regularly communicating. And I do. I REALLY … Continue reading So What’s Up?

The Tech Trip

Disclaimer: there might be some bad language but when you read my tale you'll understand. Anybody who deals with computers, tablets or smart phones is going to sympathize with this post. Now according to my husband's ornery Scottish grandfather, sympathy sits between shit and syphilis in the dictionary for a good reason. I, on the … Continue reading The Tech Trip

Gotta Get My Routine Back

Hello! Remember me? The one who used to post on a pretty regular basis before the Christmas season came along and sucked out my brain? The one who usually has no problem coming up with creative ways to discuss business or health or just about anything? I'm not bragging, honestly, but I point this out … Continue reading Gotta Get My Routine Back

Too Much R & R

I don't know about you but the busier I am the better I manage my time. If I have to be somewhere by a certain time, I plan accordingly and am early or on time. Most times anyway. All good plans can go awry. When I was an employee, I worked my butt off for … Continue reading Too Much R & R