Podcast #76: Maybe We Should All Grow a Pair

So what do women talk about when they meet up? Kids? Work? Husbands? Expectations? Trust? Sounds like a typical meeting meeting right? Turns out it can be all of that and so much more. Tuesday night was the joint Ballsy / Women in Tech meetup that featured speaker Norine Jones. Norine was asked to speak … Continue reading Podcast #76: Maybe We Should All Grow a Pair

Something Old, Something New …

So what's new with you? Somebody asked me that today and I'll be honest I had to pause before answering. Why? Because there's a lot of new things and some hangers on that I'd like to be old. I didn't know what end to start at. But here are two new things that are part … Continue reading Something Old, Something New …

What Is Your Audience Looking At?

  I'm a bit of a book and stats geek so when I came upon this book, The Power of Visual Storytelling, it spoke to me in ways that books don't speak to most people. As a communications consultant, I try to gather as many resources as possible. As a small business owner, I do … Continue reading What Is Your Audience Looking At?

One Hanger At A Time

It's quite easy for me to get stuck in a routine. It might be for you to. Same latte. Same genre of book. Same marketing tactics for my business. Though it happens slowly but surely, as most routines do, the effect can be negative: Stagnation. Stifling of creativity. Stalling. I've decided to change that habit. How? One hanger at … Continue reading One Hanger At A Time

Is Learning Part of Your Marketing Budget?

Why workshops can save you money in the long run. The learning curve for most entrepreneurs in a start up is quite steep. Why? Because even when it's not your first trip to the 'Trep Rodeo, you've still got things to learn. One of the biggest things to learn is marketing. Especially when you are … Continue reading Is Learning Part of Your Marketing Budget?