What If and Fear Are Equally Useless

Fear can make you its b#%ch. When you let that little voice get too loud, it can incapacitate you and leave you paralyzed from taking the next step for your business. The same thing for what if. What if, when looking to the past, has never changed anything. Ever. Except the level to which you'll … Continue reading What If and Fear Are Equally Useless

One Hanger At A Time

It's quite easy for me to get stuck in a routine. It might be for you to. Same latte. Same genre of book. Same marketing tactics for my business. Though it happens slowly but surely, as most routines do, the effect can be negative: Stagnation. Stifling of creativity. Stalling. I've decided to change that habit. How? One hanger at … Continue reading One Hanger At A Time


A Spectacular 10 of an Ugly Cry

What happens when you don't see the flame before the burnout So my husband is occasionally right. Notice I say occasionally. I have admitted that in public before but probably under my breath and mumbling while slurping a tea. It's not that he doesn't deserve to be told he's right but he's kind of smug … Continue reading A Spectacular 10 of an Ugly Cry


I don't know about you but I've been a volunteer since I was 12. I was set a good example as both of my parents volunteered in one capacity or another for most of my life. It started with helping in Sunday school, graduated to various school projects and the local hospital. Then it carried … Continue reading Volunetworking

Too Much R & R

I don't know about you but the busier I am the better I manage my time. If I have to be somewhere by a certain time, I plan accordingly and am early or on time. Most times anyway. All good plans can go awry. When I was an employee, I worked my butt off for … Continue reading Too Much R & R