What Does Your Smile Hide?

It's not odd to see Ken smiling. In fact, it's how I most see his face. When he says hello, he's smiling. When you chat with him, his smile invariably creeps up on his face. His smile is infectious and just makes you feel better to be around. What Ken's smile hides is his battle … Continue reading What Does Your Smile Hide?

Across the Apothecary with Ken Jaques

Two years ago this rather tall, rather bald and rather smiley gentleman joined my healthcare networking group. He was pioneering this new community focused health care initiative that would get health care professionals from all aspects of health and the members of the community they serve talking. Ken and I immediately got in to a … Continue reading Across the Apothecary with Ken Jaques

Your Poop Will Thank You

I'm going to start this post with an overshare - I have a very temperamental bowel. It almost seems to have a mind of its' own and usually it's very cranky. Not a great way to live I have to tell you. I've been searching for a solution to soothe the crankiness for many years … Continue reading Your Poop Will Thank You

For the Love of Health

I wish I had more pictures to put in this blog post. One from each of the offices, clinics or hospitals I've worked at during my 10 years as a medical office administrator. I don't even have any pictures of me with any of my students from when I taught the MOA program. My career … Continue reading For the Love of Health

All Kinds of Moving On

Meet Christie Ellinger, a local health entrepreneur, who takes her role as a Pilates instructor and creating a positive environment for her students very seriously. But you wouldn't know it when you take one of her classes. This warm, friendly and skilled teacher puts you at ease so quickly you forget that she's making you … Continue reading All Kinds of Moving On