Education Improves Your Ceiling Height

Is it time to dust off that backpack? I realize that for some of us, high school was a long time ago. I mean loooonggggg ago. But I for one still love learning. I love taking new courses and got quite excited when I signed up for my 3rd online course to learn how to … Continue reading Education Improves Your Ceiling Height

Would You Like Fries With That?

Yep. That's me in my ever so stylish Swiss Miss Swiss Chalet uniform. One of the many steps along my career path that has had me making sure people got what they needed with sauce on it. Now my secret sauce includes showing people how to edit their blog posts and newsletters so they don't … Continue reading Would You Like Fries With That?

Why Did I Make the Harder Choice?

  First: full disclosure - I have issues. Most people do. Mine comes from being born backwards. Literally. Came in to this world butt first and have continued to operate under the assumption that this is the way life must be lived. The hard way. Growing up, a frequent refrain from the lips of my … Continue reading Why Did I Make the Harder Choice?

What If and Fear Are Equally Useless

Fear can make you its b#%ch. When you let that little voice get too loud, it can incapacitate you and leave you paralyzed from taking the next step for your business. The same thing for what if. What if, when looking to the past, has never changed anything. Ever. Except the level to which you'll … Continue reading What If and Fear Are Equally Useless

Something Old, Something New …

So what's new with you? Somebody asked me that today and I'll be honest I had to pause before answering. Why? Because there's a lot of new things and some hangers on that I'd like to be old. I didn't know what end to start at. But here are two new things that are part … Continue reading Something Old, Something New …