Podcast #72: Meet A Boss Lady

Women in leadership roles has been a bit of a tricky development over the last 100 years. No, I'm not crying the poor me blues. No, I don't want to wear power suits and be like a man. But what I do want is for women to stop limiting themselves because they think they should. … Continue reading Podcast #72: Meet A Boss Lady

Education Improves Your Ceiling Height

Is it time to dust off that backpack? I realize that for some of us, high school was a long time ago. I mean loooonggggg ago. But I for one still love learning. I love taking new courses and got quite excited when I signed up for my 3rd online course to learn how to … Continue reading Education Improves Your Ceiling Height

Podcast #62: Love the Block. Be the Block.

A few weeks ago I met up with my friend Marguerite Zimmerman. We were chatting about our upcoming workshop and she brought up a great point. Blocks are a pain in the butt. But if you can find a way to love the block and learn how to beat the block then the pain factor? … Continue reading Podcast #62: Love the Block. Be the Block.

Where’s Your Online Verve?

7 seconds to make an impression Is your online presence lacking verve? Colorless? Boring? Image impaired. Yikes! And to make matters worse, are you graphics skilled impaired? Does Adobe sound like a house you find down in Mexico? I've got a solution that even those with some graphics skills can make good use of. Canva … Continue reading Where’s Your Online Verve?

Boldly Go With Maximum Mileage

Are you set up to boldly go where your social media can take you? Yup. I'm was watching Star Trek blooper reels and outtakes from the movie just before recording this podcast and it was magical how it just came together. Deep space exploration and social media. That fits right? Let me explain. Most people … Continue reading Boldly Go With Maximum Mileage