MCV and that Elizabeth P.

I believe that all businesses deserve affordable and understandable tools to communicate with their customers. What I don’t believe in is holding businesses hostage to a specialists skills. Why not teach business owners that they can:

  • Use the tools that are right for their business
  • Engage with their audience online quickly and effectively in real time
  • Take advantage of opportunities without having to wait for someone else
  • Share your expertise on a consistent basis
  • Make followers in to customers through personal interaction

I teach you how to save time, money and frustration and build business success through better communication. Why? Because I’m a born teacher and it’s what I do.

How? By empowering you with the knowledge and tools to act and engage with your audience and clients. I’ll work with you to create a strategy that makes the most of the resources you’ve got available which can grow and change with your business.

Who do we work with? Glad you asked. With 13 years in healthcare, health pro’s communications are especially safe with us. But if you are in angel investing, leadership development, not for profit or education, we’ve got you covered.

who we work with


A long-time volunteer, placing personal value on giving back to the community as leader / Community Guider with Girl Guides of Ontario and as a Board member for the Halton Fresh Food Box Program, I believe that helping others makes me a better person. So basically? It’s all about how I can be of service and foster improvement for individuals and communities.

Creative outlets include reading historical mysteries, photography (, collecting vintage cookbooks and cake decorating.  Lists are a way of life and my bucket includes driving a ’57 Chevy convertible across Canada and creating a safe space for autistic teens like my son to hang out and embrace the weirdness of life.


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