MCV Communications and At My Office Canada are proud to sponsor the Health Care Collaboration Network! A FREE networking group for health pro's in the Halton area. Hello HCCN Members! I've been a little behind in my messages to the group. Why is that important? Well, there are some great opportunities coming up and I … Continue reading

A Healthy Change

Change. There have been songs  sung about it. Copious books written on it. Workshops devoted to it. And I'm sure countless hours on therapists couches or in support groups dedicated to avoiding or embracing it and why we do either. But when it comes right down to it, for the most part anyway, change is healthy. And … Continue reading A Healthy Change

A Perfect 10!

One of my last tweets on September 10th was, “Oh my giddy aunt it’s here! Am I ready? Heck yes! See you at 5pm at the Ivy” and with that the SFN Health Professionals chapter launched. Neither rain nor the newness of the group could keep a great crowd of healthcare professional’s away and I … Continue reading A Perfect 10!

Welcome to SFN Health! From 07/30/2015

Hello! Welcome to SFN Health! I could add more exclamation points but I'm assuming you understand how excited I am to be starting up this chapter under the Social Fusion Network. My name is Elizabeth Plouffe and I am the chapter President for SFN Health. You don't have to bow or anything when you meet … Continue reading Welcome to SFN Health! From 07/30/2015

And On We Grow – from 11/13/2014

Last night was the first SFN Health that I haven't been in a complete panic. Did I forget something? Have I got prizes? What if people don't show up? I'm sure we all hear that kind of chatter before an event and especially one we are hosting. Why wasn't I panicking last night? Because I … Continue reading And On We Grow – from 11/13/2014