Podcast #76: Maybe We Should All Grow a Pair

So what do women talk about when they meet up? Kids? Work? Husbands? Expectations? Trust? Sounds like a typical meeting meeting right? Turns out it can be all of that and so much more. Tuesday night was the joint Ballsy / Women in Tech meetup that featured speaker Norine Jones. Norine was asked to speak … Continue reading Podcast #76: Maybe We Should All Grow a Pair

Education Improves Your Ceiling Height

Is it time to dust off that backpack? I realize that for some of us, high school was a long time ago. I mean loooonggggg ago. But I for one still love learning. I love taking new courses and got quite excited when I signed up for my 3rd online course to learn how to … Continue reading Education Improves Your Ceiling Height

Take A Load Off

Is it different being a female entrepreneur than a male? Well, never having been a male, I'm not sure of the answer. But having been a female for a very long time (as in always), I know what the experience is like for me. That's not to say that men don't share some of the … Continue reading Take A Load Off

Ballsy In Review – Growth, Why and the Message in Between

So what is Ballsy? Other than a FANTASTIC way to describe a wide variety of the human population who choose entrepreneurship as a way of life? It's also the name of a group I started that brings together women in entrepreneurship. Why? It┬átakes a lot of guts to start your own business but sometimes you … Continue reading Ballsy In Review – Growth, Why and the Message in Between