Podcast #103: Why Getting In Touch Might Help Your Business

We can all have some challenges when it comes to personal development. For example - if we don't think we need to work on it at all. If we think it's too touchy feely. Or girly. Or a waste of time. Or all of the above. To be honest - that's kind of where my … Continue reading Podcast #103: Why Getting In Touch Might Help Your Business

How Can You Succeed? Help Others!

Last night, I was fortunate to lead a goal setting workshop for the Autism Job Club. Goal setting can be hard for anyone but when you add #autism to the equation, the challenge kicks up a notch. If I do say so myself - it was #amazeballs! I'll take some points for how it unfolded … Continue reading How Can You Succeed? Help Others!

Have You Considered Podcasting?

I often contemplate what holds business owners back from sharing their own content. It's all well and good to retweet, reshare, repost and reblog but do you realize what that really does? It helps build the other person as an expert: not you. If conversation is easy but writing not so much, consider a podcast. … Continue reading Have You Considered Podcasting?

What Should You Be Talking About In February?

    If you work in healthcare, it can be challenging to know what to talk about and when online. Your time is valuable and you need to make the most of the time you can spend creating content. To that end, each month I gather up the trends and tags you need to make … Continue reading What Should You Be Talking About In February?

Are You a Note Geek?

I am a note geek. It's crazy how many pages of notes I'll take if it's stirring up my brain. Why? Many reasons. The biggest reason is the kinesthetic attachment to the information you're capturing. Your brain actually remembers better if you attach an activity to the learning. For some, the distraction of doodling also … Continue reading Are You a Note Geek?