Prove It or Demonstrate It

Sometimes it can take a little while to be sure of a skill set. For some it's a quicker trip, for others, well they are cocky out of the gate. I'm a bit of both. For the most part, it doesn't occur to me that I'll fail. I'll try just about anything that runs the … Continue reading Prove It or Demonstrate It

What’s Hot In Health for May 2017?

It's May! Of course you all knew that yesterday but apparently I like to be fashionably late to the start of the month πŸ˜‰ 🍎🍏🍎 This month's health topics include #foodallergies, #cysticfibrosis and with sunny days ahead, let's not forget #melanoma. 🍎🍏🍎 If you are a health pro looking to boost your online profile, get … Continue reading What’s Hot In Health for May 2017?

Podcast #112: Wise Word Wednesdays with Our Turn by Kirstine Stewart

Are you ready for it to be your turn? Or will You make it Your turn? I have to be honest - this isn't my best podcast for WWW. Further honesty - I had too many homemade Blondies (Think a brownie but without the chocolate. I'm allergic to chocolate. Yes, you read that right.) There's … Continue reading Podcast #112: Wise Word Wednesdays with Our Turn by Kirstine Stewart

What Should You Be Talking About In February?

    If you work in healthcare, it can be challenging to know what to talk about and when online. Your time is valuable and you need to make the most of the time you can spend creating content. To that end, each month I gather up the trends and tags you need to make … Continue reading What Should You Be Talking About In February?

Podcast #70: Happy Melly Makes A Happy Hazel

I am a change management neophyte. Enthusiastic and firmly converted but a neophyte none the less. With Happy Melly Exploration Day coming up on October 19th, I thought it best to bring someone on Across the Desk who has more experience than me. Meet Hazel van der Werken. Since being involved with lean practices in … Continue reading Podcast #70: Happy Melly Makes A Happy Hazel

Can You Be Happy Like Melly?

If, like me, you've worked for organizations for years and thought it was all in your head, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. That vague feeling that something is off all the way down to full mental breakdowns because the boss is batshit crazy. That feeling that it's always going to be this … Continue reading Can You Be Happy Like Melly?

All Kinds of Moving On

Meet Christie Ellinger, a local health entrepreneur, who takes her role as a Pilates instructor and creating a positive environment for her students very seriously. But you wouldn't know it when you take one of her classes. This warm, friendly and skilled teacher puts you at ease so quickly you forget that she's making you … Continue reading All Kinds of Moving On

Wise Word Wednesday – Success Magazine

  I am certifiable when it comes to books but sometimes a book is just not in the cards as part of your learning style. That's just fine. Good thing there are magazines. Some people don't see the value but I've seen it in Success Magazine since 2013. This resource is part self-help, part business … Continue reading Wise Word Wednesday – Success Magazine

Why Did I Make the Harder Choice?

  First: full disclosure - I have issues. Most people do. Mine comes from being born backwards. Literally. Came in to this world butt first and have continued to operate under the assumption that this is the way life must be lived. The hard way. Growing up, a frequent refrain from the lips of my … Continue reading Why Did I Make the Harder Choice?

Get to Know Me: Let’s Go to the Movies!

  I firmly believe that part of business success is sharing part of your real self. That includes on social media. I cannot stand following people only to discover that they entire content consists of top 5's, webinar links and marketing messaging. Drives me clinical. So in that spirit - meet me and my penchant … Continue reading Get to Know Me: Let’s Go to the Movies!

What If and Fear Are Equally Useless

Fear can make you its b#%ch. When you let that little voice get too loud, it can incapacitate you and leave you paralyzed from taking the next step for your business. The same thing for what if. What if, when looking to the past, has never changed anything. Ever. Except the level to which you'll … Continue reading What If and Fear Are Equally Useless

Wise Word Wednesdays – You, Inc.

  This week's business book is You, Inc. In case the title has scared you in to thinking this is some type of self help book - well, you'd be partly right. But it's also the first business book I've read that actually made me feel better for having read it. Not only does it … Continue reading Wise Word Wednesdays – You, Inc.

Does Guilt Drive Your Grind?

  The Grind. It wasn't really something I thought about when I was an employee. I knew about hard work and giving 110%. I knew that 80% wasn't enough for me. But what I didn't know? I didn't know the passion of the entrepreneur. I didn't understand what it meant to pour your heart and … Continue reading Does Guilt Drive Your Grind?

Ballsy In Review – Growth, Why and the Message in Between

So what is Ballsy? Other than a FANTASTIC way to describe a wide variety of the human population who choose entrepreneurship as a way of life? It's also the name of a group I started that brings together women in entrepreneurship. Why? ItΒ takes a lot of guts to start your own business but sometimes you … Continue reading Ballsy In Review – Growth, Why and the Message in Between


One of the many bonuses of being an entrepreneur is how flexible your time can be. Now that bonus can be a double edged sword is people see your time as VERY flexible and that the term working from home has some loose parameters around it. I've managed to deal with the loose part but … Continue reading Entrepreflexibility

No Junk Kicking. Just A Cape.

Phew. It's over. Another 7 months of planning and brain storming and arranging and budgeting. For what you ask? Spark the Change Toronto.Β Did I pull off this masterpiece of a conference on my own you ask? Hell no. I was fortunate to be part of a 7 member team who all believe that organizations deserve … Continue reading No Junk Kicking. Just A Cape.

Podcast #111: Why Use the Word Hate?

It's not a healthy addition to your vocabulary. The older I get the less I use the word hate. I think I stopped liking it mostly because I realized the power of it. The power to demean someone. The power to change the dynamics of a situation. The power to influence decisions and thought processes … Continue reading Podcast #111: Why Use the Word Hate?

Podcast #104: Volunetwork Your Way to a More Successful Business!

Have you ever wanted to attend a conference or event but the cost didn't work for you? Either what you would get out of the conference wasn't worth the price or your budget just wouldn't allow it? Consider volunetworking. Just about every large scale event you can think of depends on volunteers. Hiring staff to … Continue reading Podcast #104: Volunetwork Your Way to a More Successful Business!