Across the Desk with Elizabeth and Doug

Doug’s Unlimited Inc. is passionate about Business Efficiency, Performance and Success Execution. The company was established with a goal of “Simply, Empowering Great Business™” through simple, practical and visual business processes that enhance & improve business through more effective strategy execution. Their processes offer no-nonsense approaches that work because they are ‘simple, practical and visual’, and help ‘de-complicate’ & organize business for more focused, disciplined and sustainable strategy execution, leading to clearer direction, much better results – sustainable results – as well as enhanced performance and growth of your business.

The Mission of Doug’s Unlimited Inc., and Doug’s personal passion, has become to “Substantially improve the efficiency and success rate of business through Simple, Practical & Visual business processes”. After 35 years of corporate success, over 8 years of Angel Investing & business mentoring, and having seen hundreds of early-start and small/medium-sized business presentations, Doug became frustrated with the ongoing disappointing success rates of business, the lack of succinct vision & direction of many companies, the serious inability to effectively ‘execute’ strategy, and the lost opportunity and wealth creation as a result.

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