Prove It or Demonstrate It

Sometimes it can take a little while to be sure of a skill set. For some it’s a quicker trip, for others, well they are cocky out of the gate. I’m a bit of both.

For the most part, it doesn’t occur to me that I’ll fail. I’ll try just about anything that runs the perimeter of my comfort zone. It might even be orbiting a little further than is comfortable before some will jump in. Usually, I just leap. But once I started my own business (a gigantic leap if ever there was one), I had that nagging little voice that kept saying: Prove it. You’re so damn sure but PROVE IT! I hate that little voice.

It occurs to me today as I write this that part of this mindset for my business comes from the fact that I had a plan when I graduated. My plan was to continue being an employee which I’d done with mostly success for a long time. It was what I knew. I was fortunate to land a job fairly quickly after graduating in 2012. Tick that off my plan list. I was going to be working with a someone who had experience in communications who I could learn from. Another tick on the list. I’d have time to absorb and fine tune my skills. That list was smokin’ with tick marks. And then it went up in flames.

The day I started my new job in my new field, my new boss advised me that I was the new manager of communications. No experienced colleague to learn from. No time to absorb. No time to fine tune. Now I’m all for leaping but I felt like a frog with my ass on fire. On top of it all, the work situation took a turn for the not great within 6 months. So on top of my list being on fire and my butt burning, I was navigating the ticking time bomb connected to my first job.

I think this is where my Prove It mentality started. This conflagration that was happening to my new career choice. I had no time to get feedback and build confidence. I had no time to readjust. I had time to find a fire extinguisher and within just under 2 years make the leap to entrepreneur. What I want you to know, if you are a fellow froggy with said ass on fire, is that this mentality changes.

And here’s why:

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