Podcast #103: Why Getting In Touch Might Help Your Business

We can all have some challenges when it comes to personal development. For example – if we don’t think we need to work on it at all. If we think it’s too touchy feely. Or girly. Or a waste of time. Or all of the above. To be honest – that’s kind of where my mind usually goes.

But in the spirit of going outside my comfort zone, I went with an author that I’ve grown to know and respect through watching her TED talks, chats with Oprah and Chase Jarvis and the general community consensus that she’s awesome.


Brene Brown is a PhD and researcher in to a lot of the touchy feely stuff that most touchy feely people won’t even touch: shame, vulnerability and fear. Those are topics that don’t inspire a lot of warm feelings but they are also the ones we need to deal with to get ahead in our business.

I jumped in to The Gifts of Imperfection and really enjoyed it. Even had some aha moments that made me glad I got over myself and my narrow views of personal development. If you want to dip your toe in to the PD world, this research backed, fact driven, personal narrative just might having you jumping in to the self help pond with both feet.

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