Are You a Note Geek?

I am a note geek. It’s crazy how many pages of notes I’ll take if it’s stirring up my brain. Why? Many reasons.

The biggest reason is the kinesthetic attachment to the information you’re capturing. Your brain actually remembers better if you attach an activity to the learning. For some, the distraction of doodling also helps to focus your attention on the information being delivered vs the other distractions in the room.

The next ones? The amount of content you can then create for online sharing. The aha moments you might have when perusing the notes after. The opportunities you’ll develop when discussing what you learned because you remembered so much more.

Yep. Note geek.

Next workshop you attend, get out your notebook. Grab your tablet if that works better. Even ask permission to record it on your phone and listen again later. Whatever it takes – get the most #value out of the time and money you #invested to learn!!!

One way to take notes that I’m working on learning this year is sketchnoting.



While others appear to be impressed with my efforts, I’m not sure I’m ready to share with the world at large. Just know that I think it definitely has value for the way I think and I plan to share real soon 🙂

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