Podcast #98: A Better Way to Show Your Trade

DSC04176.jpg    DSC04154.jpg  DSC04182.jpg

Building your business is hard. Long days. Lots of grey hair. Maybe that’s just me. But what I do know is what money I do earn with my business has been because of my hard work and hustle so when I go to spend it? I want to make sure I get the most bang for my buck.

Take tradeshows. If you’ve never done one before then I’m here to tell you something: there is NOTHING worse than putting in the time, energy and effort for a tradeshow and having it suck. And by suck I mean the producer has done one step up from squat to promote the event and the attendance is everybody you’ve seen before.

As I’ve said before, I don’t have guests across the desk that I don’t believe in. It’s my rep on the line when I bring someone on and promote them. So it’s not lightly that I sat down with James Burchill last week to discuss the upcoming SFN Tradeshow. Why this guy? Why this tradeshow? Why should you listen?


Because if you’re in the GTA and are trying to build your business, then I’m telling you, hand on heart, you need to learn more about this event. And if you suck at networking and making the most of opportunities like this? Well, stay tuned for the next episode with James because we’re going to discuss a fantastic new way to fix that.


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