Podcast #95: Change the Way You Feel


You know that feeling right before you stand up in a meeting? Or walk in to an event? Or have to go networking? Or do anything that is outside your comfort zone? Do you normally describe it as nervous or excited?

Turns out it makes a difference.

That important distinction was made for me 21 years ago on the day of my wedding. I had butterflies and felt nervous. Or so I thought. The more I thought it was nervousness, the worse I felt. How could I be nervous before marrying my main man? Then my hairdresser said something that changed my life: You’re not nervous honey, you’re excited. The honey might be me adlibbing but you get the gist. The relief I felt was overwhelming and I’ve carried that lesson to this day.
Turns out there is now science to back up what my wise hairdresser knew all along.

So the next time you’re trying something new, meeting with a different crowd or stretching beyond what’s normally comfortable for you, just remember this: you’re not nervous honey, you’re excited 🙂

Need more info?

Here you go: http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/03/youre-excited-not-nervous-you-just-keep-telling-yourself-that.html

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