Podcast #90: Sneaky Shit – Are You Building Someone Else’s Trust Factor?


Have you ever seen an ad with a celebrity endorsement? Especially a celebrity who you admire and trust? Well, as much as you can trust someone you don’t actually know. Has that influenced your decision about the product or service to buy or use and then it’s turned out to be junk? Are you tired of all the questions?

The reason for all the questions is to get you thinking about the social proof that the product or service has used to build trust (albeit second hand trust you didn’t really have any way)and get you to buy. How’s that head scratcher?

Today’s podcast focuses on the good and bad of legitimacy. It can be make or break for some businesses especially in this day and age of instant online reviews, commentary and condemnation. If you’ve decided to go the scam route (as so many do) and imply endorsement vs actually building your own legitimacy, well, you’ve been warned. We’re here to get everybody to put their sneaky shit meter on high alert and out you!

While we’re focused on the negative side at this point, there is also the good side. Especially for your business. At the end of the day, if you create something of value and create it consistently, then protect that. Be cautious about who you allow to use your good reputation. After all, you’ve been built too legit to quit 😉

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