Podcast #87: Sneaky Shit – Congruency: Episode 1.5 in the Sneaky Shit Series

Say. Act. Do.



It’s that simple. Congruency is our topic today in the 6 Principles of Influence. What does that mean? In the simplest of terms and the easiest of explanations is that if you want to convey and build trust, you have to be consistent in everything you do.

For example – if you make an appointment with someone, taking up their valuable time, to make a pitch and you show up late or don’t show up at all – what do you think that says? It says that you don’t actually value the time or person that you’ve arranged to meet. By showing up late, you are stating that you aren’t to be trusted to deliver. By not showing up at all? Heck – I wouldn’t leave my dog with you.

We all understand that life happens and you could run late but once it becomes a pattern of behaviour, you are acting incongruent to what you are hoping to establish. Trust.

It comes down to this: do what you say and say what you do. For example, if you are faking being involved in a conversation just to get a sale, your body language will betray you. You will also give off the old “bad vibes” that the person you are hoping to sell to will pick up. They will have a prickly, uncomfortable feeling that will immediately put them on guard and that, my friend, means the trust is gone.

Take a listen to Sneaky Shit and learn about principle #1, how to apply it, how to watch for it and how being your authentic self is the most congruent way to be.


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