Podcast #86: Get To Know Me – Finding My Sparkle

Find a way to remind yourself that you can shine



Has it been one of those years for you? Or couple of years? When you’re an entrepreneur it can feel like you’ve survived a year vs celebrating the beginning of another. Especially at a time of year where reflection and goal setting is forced upon us. But as an entrepreneur maybe it’s worth taking another look at the value of reflection. Maybe that needs to be a goal for the whole year.

Why the girly title of this podcast? It’s actually not as girly as I probably think but I’ll clarify anyway. When you start a business, you have NO idea of the power of the up’s and down’s. NO idea how hard it will be some days (or months) to dig in and keep going. And for a woman, I can honestly say it’s a bit harder. Despite progress, being a woman entrepreneur is still considered an oddity so we start with an extra handicap. Boobs have their bonuses but they can still be a hindrance to more than our golf swing šŸ˜‰

This week on Get to Know Me, I share the importance of finding a way to recognize and remember your achievements so that when you hit the lows (and you will), you have something you can look at and say, “Well, it might suck right now but then? Then it was completely f*ing awesome and it will be again!” And that, my friends, is what finding your sparkle is all about.

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