Podcast #84: Is the ROI bigger than the PITA factor?


Return on investment. That’s the key for most business people but when you are building a business, keeping the ROI in line with the PITA is key to success. Why? Well, sometimes social media can have a high PITA factor with low ROI. Before you think we’re talking about sandwiches and dietary advice, I mean the pain in the ass factor. For some businesses, I recommend you lower the PITA factor by NOT using social media for your business.

Yep. A consultant just said don’t use my services please. Oh wait – this is the exact reason you should use my services or find another good communications consultant.

Why? Because there are so many ways to negatively impact your business by screwing up your online presence that if you can’t afford someone to help you or do it for you, then DON’T.

That’s not to say that you CAN’T. You absolutely can. But the time it will take to teach yourself the ins and outs of the social media platforms and tools, the creation of a content calendar and the way to engage contributes to the PITA factor exponentially and reduces your ROI more than businesses sometimes realize.

Take a listen and find out if your business should be on social media, if you might need some help short term and when you should just say no to tweeting, posting or liking.


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