Podcast #81: Let’s Kick Cancer in the Sparkler

How you can directly support someone affected by cancer in your community

I hope that all businesses try to keep their corporate social responsibility plan to of mind all year. For such a long title, I sometimes wonder if creating a CSR plan is more a tool to look good than actually do good. Cynical? Maybe. But once you chat with Monica Graves, you’ll see what putting your money where your jewels are really means.


Cancer is another cause where I think people can lose focus on how to actually support the families that are affected by this nefarious disease. In my case? My father had it. My grandfather, 2 uncles and grandmother in law died of it. My sister in law has battled and won. Even I’ve had 2 cancer scares that shows me I’m not immune. How did I cope? I was lucky and just dealt. I didn’t have kids to feed or bills to pay that were going to be affected by my diagnosis.

Today’s podcast is about how to give back. Personally. Professionally. Entrepreneurially. Take that CSR and put it to work rather than paying it lip service. 3 Little Wishes is one of the many ways that Monica makes sure glamjulz is not only giving women a reason to show their sparkle, she’s also showing a community how they can care and support families whose sparkle might need a little help.

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