Podcast #79: Don’t Mix Tuna and Peanut Butter

How diverse interests can add to your businesses value

I think there is a very thin line between eccentric and eclectic. Both refer to the possibility of seemingly unrelated ideas coming together in ways people might not have considered before. Stepping over the line from eclectic to eccentric? Well that’s when you try to put peanut butter and tuna fish together. Not a great idea.


The benefits of being described as or acting like either eccentric or eclectic has its benefits and drawbacks. For me, the benefits are many. Having eclectic tastes allows me to talk to just about anybody at events and put together ideas that seem random to some. Until we talk about it further and they have the inevitable a-ha. Eccentric? That means I don’t mind taking on weird challenges, fit right in with odd teams and seldom object to doing something out of the ordinary that most might run from.

Interested in learning more about the benefits? Listen on, Macduff. Listen on …

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