Podcast #74: Use Your P’s and Q’s – Damnit!


If you have ever been to a restaurant or event, you might be guilty of this: can you even remember the face of the server at the last restaurant you went to? At the last event you were at (wedding, gala, networking), did you thank the staff that cleared your plates and picked up after you all night?

Chances are the answer is no. Sadly that seems to be more common these days. The Me generation has returned and the manners have left the building. We are so distracted by phones and noise and our problems and just US in general that we forget one important thing: there is a them behind the tidy table you are now sitting at. There is a them behind the beautifully arranged room you are enjoying. And them? They like to hear thank you. Quite frankly so do I.

Why the rant? I’ve over rude people. I’m over staff at events feeling unappreciated and borderline maligned. I’ve coordinated enough events, been to enough events and worked at enough events that when I hear stories of rudeness – well quite frankly, I get a little farking snarky.


As a business owner, you may have reason to hold small to large events on behalf of your business. Could be a workshop. Could be a celebration. Could be a staff appreciation. Whatever it is you’re holding an event for, I’ll give you the best tip you’ll ever receive:


That’s worth gold right there. Because when shinola goes sideways during your event (and it will), the event staff will be the ones to save you. And if you’ve been an asshat? Well it might be their job to make you happy but believe me, a little appreciation and good old fashioned P’s and Q’s will hopefully make them want to go that extra mile for you. Otherwise – Aunty Mathilda’s sitting at the kids table and your boss isn’t getting his steak any time soon.

Thanks for reading and please take a listen below!

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