Podcast #73: Know Your Pain Points

Are you either currently working with a service provider or about to hire one? Do you think you’re the only one who should be prepared for meetings? Think again.

If you want to maximize the time you have with a service pro and minimize the budget, then do your homework on your pain. Points that is.

Take the time to understand what you want to accomplish, what you can take on and the best way you can support the service provider so that they give you the best bang for your painfully earned buck.

This is the question form I’ve created for clients to peruse before we meet. Why? Because everybody’s time is valuable and I want to make sure they make the most of mine. Am I more important? Heck no. But I charge per hour for initial meetings and I don’t want anyone spending more than they need to.


I’ve got this document available on my website as a PDF on a linked graphic on my contacts page. That means it doesn’t take up menu space but is available for anyone who wants to check it out or gets directed there before our first meeting.

Not spending the time to be prepared before meeting a service provider can cost you:

  1. 2 hours of your time x whatever you make per hour
  2. 2 hours of my time x what I charge to meet with you
  3. Opportunity to glean some tips and tricks you can use right away

So save yourself time and money. Gain ways to improve your pain point right away. Interested? Give a listen to find out more!


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