Podcast #72: Meet A Boss Lady


Women in leadership roles has been a bit of a tricky development over the last 100 years. No, I’m not crying the poor me blues. No, I don’t want to wear power suits and be like a man. But what I do want is for women to stop limiting themselves because they think they should. Because society is slowly coming on board with losing the judgement of women in leadership roles. And best of all? Women are slowly stopping the judgement of themselves.

Why is this important? Because even the strongest women leaders, who appear to show no fear, are still battling inner demons. This is especially true for women entrepreneurs. We still believe we have to prove we’re capable and fit for our role. And when strong women leaders don’t admit to feeling this way, the rest of us believe something is wrong with us because we do.

So today, you can meet Norine Jones, CEO/President/Leader of PowerVac Services Hamilton who successfully runs a successful business in a traditionally male dominated industry. She is also a devoted wife, fierce mother and amazing volunteer. And she too battles that inner demon that makes her question if she’s strong enough, talented enough and wise enough to run her business.

My answer – an enthusiastic Hell yes!

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