Podcast #70: Happy Melly Makes A Happy Hazel

This would be Hazel 🙂

I am a change management neophyte. Enthusiastic and firmly converted but a neophyte none the less. With Happy Melly Exploration Day coming up on October 19th, I thought it best to bring someone on Across the Desk who has more experience than me. Meet Hazel van der Werken.

Since being involved with lean practices in Scotland in 1995 and adding change management in 2009 in the Netherlands, Hazel arrived in Canada in 2013 and found Silicon Halton. Thank goodness because it was through Silicon Halton that Hazel found Spark the Change Toronto where we met in 2015.

While Hazel is unable to be at the Happy Melly event next week due to a work trip, she’s a staunch advocate for all levels of an organization regardless of industry taking advantage of the Happy Melly Exploration Day. Why? Because Hazel is all about the right tools for the job and Happy Melly has a toolbox that will blow your mind.

One of the things that we discussed on the podcast is who should attend Happy Melly Exploration Day. The answer? Just about everybody who is ready for change in their workplace (and that means anyone).


Why? Because when you aren’t happy at work (and that means anyone) many things suffer. Mental health. Productivity. Innovation. Progress. Team communication. Goals. All are necessary to succeed and none should be taken lightly. That’s why Happy Melly exists across the globe and continues to grow every day. Because all over the world, in offices or organizations just like yours, people just like you want the same thing: to be happy.

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