Can You Be Happy Like Melly?


If, like me, you’ve worked for organizations for years and thought it was all in your head, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. That vague feeling that something is off all the way down to full mental breakdowns because the boss is batshit crazy. That feeling that it’s always going to be this way and nothing will ever change. The feeling that you can never be happy at work and just have to accept it. WRONG!

It took me over 20 years and a chance meeting to discover how wrong I was and how many people are working to change it.

Three years ago I was introduced to the world of agile and change management. I’m still learning what all that entails but what I did learn in a big way is that there are tools, experts, coaches and more to help organizations not suck. To help employees learn how to make things better. To help bosses, managers and supervisors find the way to the light that shows them communicating with their employees doesn’t have to include condescension, fear and ego.


One way is Happy Melly. You can learn more about HM during the podcast but what I also want to put out there is the first EVER face to face Happy Melly Exploration Day. A chance to meet and learn from the experts (who are some of the coolest people I’ve ever met) and have your come to jayzus moment where happiness at work isn’t just a fantasy.

Who are these experts you ask and why should I learn more from them? Great question!


Our self-proclaimed Emperor with almost no power and many responsibilities. He formally represents Happy Melly and Management 3.0 to the outside world, brilliantly encourages the rest of the team to do good work. The best way to start a discussion with him: buy him a caffe latte. Jurgen was recently named one of the Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts and Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers by

Click on Jurgen to watch his awesome TED talk!


Jason began his career as a web developer when Cold Fusion roamed the earth. Over the following years, he moved into management, Agile Coaching and consulting. The bumps and bruises collected along the way brought him to the realization that helping organizations adopt Agile practices was less about the practices, and all about change.

In 2008 he attended an experiential learning conference about how people experience change and since then, he’s been writing, and speaking, all over the world about helping organizations discover more effective practices for managing organizational change.

Click on Jason to see his interview on InfoQ


I am a specialist in creating online collaborative communities with over 10 years experience with web-based collaboration tools and online community management. My goal is to get the best people working together regardless of location.

I recently co-authored “Engagement Management: a step-by-step guide to building a thriving social network“ and am now working on a new book about remote collaboration.

Click on Lisette to see her talk at DevExperience 2016

Intrigued? Great! Visit to learn more about the organization and click on their subscribe to happiness to attend the event on October 19th. Why? It will change your life. It changed mine.

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