Podcast #68: Wise Word Wednesdays – Marie Forleo


Some “experts” out there are all about the sale, the pitch, the bottom line. Yuck. When that’s the place they’re sharing their expertise from, you want to send them right back. At least I do. But I kept looking and I found Marie Forleo. Phew. What a relief.

Marie Forleo has become my go to background “noise” when I’m working on projects. But I mean noise in the best sense. Because she is funny, authentic, intelligent and engaging, it’s a pleasure to have her on in the background. I learn and get entertained at the same time which for my ADD brain is awesome!

If, like me, you are building your mentor list and are struggling to find someone that inspires and educates, then I recommend giving www.marieforleo.com a visit and getting your Marie on. With the diversity of topics that she covers, the amazing array of guests and the honesty with which she includes her own business struggles, you won’t be sorry she found her way in to your life.

And from my heart, I’m grateful she found the courage and strength to share her gifts with the world and give us all a chance to make our own dance. Read her about – you’ll get it 🙂

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