Podcast #67: Living Big and Partnering to Set Up for Success

There may or may not be the use of the word bullshit in this blog and in the podcast. Just sayin.

Sometimes in business, people can be loathe to partner with others. Why? I’m not sure. I’m a huge fan of partnering with others, combining forces and sharing resources. Not tooting my own horn but stating a fact. The fact is, your business is better off when you keep yourself open to opportunities and don’t operate from fear.


This week on an interim Ballsy in Review, we officially launched the partnership of Ballsy and Women in Tech. WIT is a group through Silicon Halton, a local organization that brings together entrepreneurs and small businesses to learn, train and support growth and development. The goal of partnering? To increase the value to the members. That’s it.

We had a meeting, Hazel van der Werken from Making Change Happen, Lisa Swailes, Founder of Women in Tech and myself. We wanted to lay down the value that we’ll be focusing on providing through this partnership. You know what? One of the easiest lists I’ve ever made:

Value of the Group

  1. Resource sharing
  2. Larger community connection
  3. Building relationships with mutual value between members
  4. Non-judgemental feedback during discussion or presentations
  5. Exposure for business – online and through membership
  6. Team for your business
  7. Proactive step in growing your business
  8. Expanding knowledge base
  9. Build strong business connections
  10. Safe environment to share business problems
  11. Overcome self-limiting behavior and impact on business
  12. Accountability partners
  13. Deep dive discussions
  14. NOT networking
  15. Group will be meeting evenings, mornings and online allowing for flexibility in attending

I wanted to add calling people out on their bullshit but it was decided that this might be a bit harsh, so it made the list under overcoming self limiting behaviors. See why you partner with smart people? They help you with things like politically correct phrases.

So what better way to add value than to embrace my love of partnering and kick off with an awesome mini-workshop with Carol Schulte? She conducted a fantastic 1.5 hour workshop that got all the business owners in the room working on their vision and clarity for their business and then committing to steps to take action. I can’t think of a better way to set yourself up for success! And without this new partnership? I wouldn’t have been able to take part nor share the two upcoming workshops that WIT have already set up.

Are you getting the point yet?

Listen to my podcast and you’ll see 🙂

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