Podcast #76: Maybe We Should All Grow a Pair

So what do women talk about when they meet up? Kids? Work? Husbands? Expectations? Trust? Sounds like a typical meeting meeting right? Turns out it can be all of that and so much more. Tuesday night was the joint Ballsy / Women in Tech meetup that featured speaker Norine Jones. Norine was asked to speak … Continue reading Podcast #76: Maybe We Should All Grow a Pair

Podcsat #75: Wise Word Wednesdays – The Amazeballs of Unmarketing

The Huffington Post ran an article last year on "11 Things We Fake in Our Social Media Lives"¬†and I love it. As part of my business (and my inherently nosy personality) I love the peeking in on other people's lives aspect of social media. I love the stories they tell. I love connecting with people … Continue reading Podcsat #75: Wise Word Wednesdays – The Amazeballs of Unmarketing

Podcast #74: Use Your P’s and Q’s – Damnit!

  If you have ever been to a restaurant or event, you might be guilty of this: can you even remember the face of the server at the last restaurant you went to? At the last event you were at (wedding, gala, networking), did you thank the staff that cleared your plates and picked up … Continue reading Podcast #74: Use Your P’s and Q’s – Damnit!

Podcast #73: Know Your Pain Points

Are you either currently working with a service provider or about to hire one? Do you think you're the only one who should be prepared for meetings? Think again. If you want to maximize the time you have with a service pro and minimize the budget, then do your homework on your pain. Points that … Continue reading Podcast #73: Know Your Pain Points

Podcast #72: Meet A Boss Lady

Women in leadership roles has been a bit of a tricky development over the last 100 years. No, I'm not crying the poor me blues. No, I don't want to wear power suits and be like a man. But what I do want is for women to stop limiting themselves because they think they should. … Continue reading Podcast #72: Meet A Boss Lady