Podcast #66: Wise Words Wednesday: Lean Change Management

Change will do you good.

People talk about change all the time. Talk. When you actually delve in to how difficult personal change can be, imagine trying to change an entire organization. Some days I have challenges picking out which funky socks to wear. Being a change agent for a whole organization? Yikes! Well now at least I’ve got some tools to get the conversation going. About change I mean. Not my socks.

2 years ago I met a guy. This guy had a big, audacious plan to have a conference in Toronto called Spark the Change. This was my first introduction to what agile, lean change management and the tools to make it happen. The guy? That’s Jason Little. And as I’ve told him before, he changed my life.

Lean Change Management is the book Jason has written based on his experience as an agile coach, researcher, change expert and disturber of the status quo. He doesn’t want you to make change happen just for the sake of it. He wants to give you the tools so the change will have minimum blast radius, maximum insights and turn even the most negative manager in to a change agent and advocate.

See me throwing around the lingo?

Learning that organizations can be transparent, engage their employees and commit to conversation has changed my life. It will change the lives for employees of my business when I’m eventually lucky enough to hire some. Why? Because now I know better. Now I know how to facilitate conversations across the organization. Now I know that if someone is fearful, I need to find out why and help them through it. Now I know that you can’t assume people realize they’re doing a good job: you need to tell them. Often!

Even though I still know very little, I now know a fantastic coach that I can call up and say, “Hey – you know in chapter 6 when you discuss options? Can we chat about the best one?”. And soon you will too.

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