Podcast #65: Ballsy In Review – Education and Your Business

Are you making education a priority?

When you are a woman in business, you’d think that men would be the challenge. I’ve learned that this is not always the case. In fact, most of the issues I’ve had throughout my various careers have been with women not men. Why? Well – I think we’ve been trained to see other women as competition and not as comrades.

That sucks.

On top of that, women have also been trained to make everybody else the priority and they take the back seat. Not all women, granted, but I can honestly say that for a while I was one of those women. This is particularly challenging if you run your own business. You can’t afford to take the back seat otherwise your business has no one driving.

This also sucks.

This week at Ballsy, our focus was on education and how women HAVE to make it a priority. Is this advice just for business owners? No. This is for anyone looking to get ahead in the business world. Feel like you’ve been sent to the principles office? Well maybe it’s time to stop being late to the education party and take your career and business seriously. Harsh? Yes. But if you aren’t making learning how to improve your business a priority, then maybe being an employee is a better fit. And if you aren’t planning to be at the same desk you started at five years ago, then getting some smarts better be a part of that plan!

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