Podcast #63: Wise Word Wednesdays with Originals by Adam Grant


Are you an original? Do you even know what it means to be an original? I hadn’t thought about it until someone called me an original. On top of that? They thought enough of helping me to understand what being an original means that they bought me the book on it. How cool is that?

This would be Jennifer Spear who was one of the awesome speakers at Spark the Change Toronto and was my Originals “angel”.


If you’ve spent your life, like me, being called unique and weird and different, then Originals by Adam Grant is the book for you. Why? Because it has helped me understand that just because I think differently, doesn’t mean my thoughts aren’t valid. Just because I like to improve processes and tinker with ideas doesn’t mean I don’t accept the status quo. Oh wait … that’s exactly what it means 😉

And in case you’re wondering? I use Chrome as my browser. Read the book to find out why that matters.

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