Podcast #62: Love the Block. Be the Block.

bee-20clip-20art-clip-artcute-yellow-bumble-bee-free-clip-art-hihojet0A few weeks ago I met up with my friend Marguerite Zimmerman. We were chatting about our upcoming workshop and she brought up a great point. Blocks are a pain in the butt. But if you can find a way to love the block and learn how to beat the block then the pain factor? It disappears. Or at least it becomes manageable and allows you to get on with your business.

An entrepreneurs life is that of a non-conformist. While for some this sounds completely invigorating and awesome, for others it poses challenges. You might even call them blocks. Some climb over them. Some get, well, blocked by them. Me? I’ve been having blocks about setting goals. Or at least committing to goals from week to week. Don’t get me wrong – I achieve and create a lot each week but could I be doing better? Yup.

Here’s a suggestion: take the time to identify what your blocks might be and learn to love them. Make them your best friend. Why? Because without doing this blocks can derail your business, leave you choking in the dust of others and keep you at the starting block instead of winning the race.

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