Boldly Go With Maximum Mileage

Are you set up to boldly go where your social media can take you?

Yup. I’m was watching Star Trek blooper reels and outtakes from the movie just before recording this podcast and it was magical how it just came together. Deep space exploration and social media. That fits right? Let me explain.

Most people work quite hard on their content. In fact, in honor of Labor Day, you could call it a labor of love. Now if you create crap content, don’t take this advice because you want that crap to stay right where it is. But if you have put effort in, then make your social media channels work harder for you.

Instagram is a sextuple threat that is worth getting to know. LinkedIn can be the filter you need to make sure some of your content is business audience friendly. And if you happen to suffer from “look at me” syndrome and are forever pushing out offers and email grabs, well, I’ve got some advice on that as well.

What’s the point of all of this? Make your social media work as hard as you do. Make sure your business accounts are hooked up to other accounts and if you don’t have those accounts, then find out if you should and then hook them up. That way your content will boldly go much farther than it was going before.


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