What Does Your Smile Hide?

It’s not odd to see Ken smiling. In fact, it’s how I most see his face. When he says hello, he’s smiling. When you chat with him, his smile invariably creeps up on his face. His smile is infectious and just makes you feel better to be around. What Ken’s smile hides is his battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the pain that can travel around his body like that rogue garden gnome.


This episode of Across the Apothecary, we get to know Ken from his health care journey perspective and what prompted him to learn more about how our health care system is not doing enough to prevent illness or treat illness properly. Case in point? Ken had a full, healthy head of hair before being treated for his RA and then imagine his surprise when what was supposed to help him manage his RA effectively, made his hair vacate from his head. It’s not shocking to hear his recount how his doctor wasn’t surprised at all.

I think we can all either share our personal scary health story or recount the scary health story of someone close to us. I’m sure we all hide a health issue behind a dazzling smile. If you don’t want to feel quite so alone on your journey, take a listen:


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