Awww … Thanks!


It will take 10 minutes of your time but the return on that investment can last for years. A thank you note. One of the most cost effective and authentic ways to promote your business and show your clients that you care. Are you already reaching for the stamps? Great!

This post has a lot to do with my son. Yup. It’s a momma story.

A few weeks ago my son went for a job interview. He’s a bit late to the job market in that he’s 18. I say late only because I’ve been working since I was 13 which probably says more about my issues than his. We had some reservations about the position that he was interviewing for but figured it would be a good experience. Once the interview was over, I started the push on writing a thank you note. His face looked like I’d asked him to donate a kidney while sucking on a lemon.  But I persevered and worked with him to write the note and reminded him to deliver it. He did.

Now, as we suspected, he wasn’t successful in the interview for that job. And in the meanwhile, he had temporary success with another position that unfortunately ended with the pansy answer of “This isn’t a good fit”.

Segue – If you are in HR or the hiring manager or the flunky in charge of firing people, for the love of all that is holy, don’t EVER tell someone “it’s just not a good fit”. That answer sucks. It provides nothing for the person you are letting go and quite frankly says a lot about how you suck for HR skills. Learn to do the job right! Give feedback that benefits the young person you just pooped on!

Back to thank you and gratitude.

Yesterday he received a phone call from the first place he’d had an interview. The manager had received his thank you note, which included the ask of, “If I’m not successful please consider me for something else” and sure enough – it worked. He has an interview today. Regardless of whether he’s successful or not with today’s interview, the thank you note did its job.

He was polite. He stood out. He was remembered. He was thought about for other opportunities. Mission achieved.

I’ve received thank you notes over the years that have been hand written or even better, hand made, and each of them have been lovingly kept and treasured. I might be a bit of a sap but I’d like to think that anyone with a heart and a modicum of humanity would be touched out of receiving a thank you note that shows my time / skills mattered to the person I shared them with.

You can do this for your own career or your own business. It takes minutes to do and the impact can be incredible. They don’t have to be fancy (though brand them for your business)and they don’t have to be long. If your handwriting is a bit shaky, type the note. It’s fine! It’s the fact that you took the time to capture that thanks and share your appreciation.

Please take a listen for some other ways to think about thank you notes and why you should put a stamp on it!


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