What the Freepik?

freepik front page

With 90% of the information being transmitted to our brains being visual, which the brain processes 60,000 times FASTER than text, why aren’t you using more graphics in your … well, in everything? From websites to blog posts to presentations, visuals are the way to get your point across fast. 60,000 times faster in fact.



On top  of that? The people that create these amazing graphics are pro’s, or at least more skilled than a lot of us who don’t do this for a living. Why not save time and benefit from their expertise? You can search by photo or vector file and if, like me, you are moderately skilled with Illustrator, the options are unlimited. I’ve used the graphics available for everything from Instagram quote backgrounds to elements of event banners and website embellishments. The options are endless as are the search terms. Though when I searched for Minions and Wonder Woman the selection was sketchy at best 😉


This is one of the few accounts that is worth paying for and I’ve done it and plan to do it again. Take a look, be inspired and see what’s possible for making your project look more professional, colorful and eye catching.


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