For the Love of Health

I wish I had more pictures to put in this blog post. One from each of the offices, clinics or hospitals I’ve worked at during my 10 years as a medical office administrator. I don’t even have any pictures of me with any of my students from when I taught the MOA program. My career didn’t happen during the selfie age. But it happened despite the lack of evidence on Instagram or Facebook. And some days I miss it very much.

My fascination with health and medicine started in high school. Probably right around the time my dad was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease (a form of lymphatic cancer) and I chose him to be my project for biology. I went with him to one of his treatments and was just blown away by what was happening during the process. The more I learned, the more my interest grew. My earlier passion for becoming a vet was quickly squashed by emerging allergies to anything with fur or feathers, so people it would have to be.

Through a series of personal events, my career took a decidedly different path and I ended up in Tourism. More specifically, the flight path to becoming a flight attendant. One major lesson I learned during this time is if you have no passion for what you learning about, you won’t succeed. And I didn’t. 3 short months of working at the airport confirmed that this was not the life I wanted to lead. Back to school I would go.

After doing research and interviewing the Program Coordinator for the Medical Office Administration program at Sheridan College, I applied and started my career in medicine. I graduated with a job offer at a local Cardiologist’s office and I was off. What I quickly discovered is that you learn an amazing amount about medicine, tests, diagnoses and above all patient care. What I also learned, after 10 years that included Respirology, Dermatology, Family Practice and cardiac diagnostics, was that you reached the glass ceiling very quickly.


Yup. This hangs in my office 🙂

I was fortunate to be able to take my education and experience and become a Medical Office Administration instructor for a local business college. This is where I discovered my passion for teaching. I loved my students. I loved the challenges, the a-ha moments and the success they found as honors graduates from one of the toughest programs the college offered. As I said to my second class during their orientation: this isn’t basket weaving 101. Be prepared to work and work hard.

While my career path had taken me away from medicine, something always drew me back. Now having completed college for the 3rd time with my post graduate in Corporate Communications (thanks again Sheridan!), I’m able to combine my love of health, medicine and communications to help health professionals communicate the best way possible for their business. Talk about coming full circle!


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