All Kinds of Moving On


Meet Christie Ellinger, a local health entrepreneur, who takes her role as a Pilates instructor and creating a positive environment for her students very seriously. But you wouldn’t know it when you take one of her classes. This warm, friendly and skilled teacher puts you at ease so quickly you forget that she’s making you bend in ways that are, quite frankly, just not natural. Well, at least for me.

Christie has been an entrepreneur for the past 8 years but has recently come to a difficult decision that involves a different kind of movement. After owning and managing her own studio for the past 6 years, she’s decided to close the doors. Having recently closed the doors on my own brick and mortar, I can have some empathy for the process you move through as you come to that decision.


Christie and I cover how different teachers impact your development and how those experiences can shape you in turn teach later in life. We also chat about how your career path can seem unrelated but ultimately, those pieces come together to create the life you’re leading now.

Take a moment to take a listen and learn more about how moving through life can take you places you’ve never expected:

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