Would You Like Fries With That?

2016-07-24 14.34.27

Yep. That’s me in my ever so stylish Swiss Miss Swiss Chalet uniform. One of the many steps along my career path that has had me making sure people got what they needed with sauce on it. Now my secret sauce includes showing people how to edit their blog posts and newsletters so they don’t annoy people and using social media to encourage relationships but I wasn’t always the smooth wordsmith I am now. Or was I? Would you like fries with that kind of slides off the tongue doesn’t it?

My career development has been a bit of a dogs’ hind leg. In fact I’ve never really paid active attention to career development except for my 13 years in medicine. The benefit of this is I have ended up in jobs that I would never have pursued intentionally. What does that list look like?

I’ve been:
1. An event security guard.
2. A pub security guard.
3. A medical office administrator.
4. An instructor.
5. A cashier.
6. A waitress.
7. A bartender.
8. A ticket agent at Toronto Pearson Airport.
9. A food demo lady.
10. A unit administrator.
11. A nanny.
12. An entrepreneur of a gardening business, a cake decorating business, a business centre and a communications business.
13. A driver training coordinator.
14. An ear piercer.
15. A nursing team coordinator.
16. An event planner.

I’m sure there’s more but I’d say that’s quite a list wouldn’t you?

The great thing about having had this diverse background is that there isn’t too much that throws me. From having dealt with angry passengers to drunk concert goers to stressed out patients, I’ve learned to see situations from all angles and try my best to react accordingly. From putting teams together for nursing visits and working with teams for event delivery and security, I’ve learned that everybody has their strengths and that’s what builds good teams.

Now? Now I’m using my years in these roles to give my clients what they want and what they need. My job is to find the middle ground and make sure there’s enough sauce to go around.

Want to learn more about my crazy career path? Awesome! Take a listen to this week’s slightly late Get to Know Me Friday:



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