Why Are Some Easier to Believe Than Others?


Who hits you in the feely places?

I look for inspiration wherever I can. A bit of an inspigroupie if you will. This morning I hit one of my usual haunts, the TED talk circuit. I have learned the weirdest and best stuff by taking chances on speakers that show up as recommendations. Why? Because I like to think I don’t discriminate on where inspiration comes from but this morning, I realized I do.

Why is it we can be more open to accepting wisdom about over coming challenges from someone who has a visible disability? The same wise words out of the mouth of someone who appears to be able bodied in most general sense of the term, might not move us quite so much. But is that fair? Does it matter what the challenge is or that it was overcome?

Some search for inspiration on places like Pinterest and I’m guilty of that. I guess guilty is a pretty strong word but I think of this as more of the fluffy inspiration vs the holy crap Batman this sh@!’s about to get real kind of inspiration.

The two guys I happened to watch on TED were Sam Berns:



and Sean Stephenson


Both of these talks just blew me away. Do yourself a favor and watch them. Seriously. Don’t mess around.

If you want to hear more about my take on inspirational moments, take a listen:

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