Wise Word Wednesday – Success Magazine



I am certifiable when it comes to books but sometimes a book is just not in the cards as part of your learning style. That’s just fine. Good thing there are magazines. Some people don’t see the value but I’ve seen it in Success Magazine since 2013. This resource is part self-help, part business building and part thought provoking. And all manageable in anyone’s busy schedule.

I’ve been a devotee for the past three years and have no plans to give it up any time soon. This month’s issue with Peter Diamandis focuses on innovative thinking and creativity. One article I found especially helpful was the positive impact of PTSD on the creative process. After a few shaky years of major events in my life, not to mention a huge learning curve, it’s nice to change the context of the events as a driving force to not only do good in the world but accept them also as a way to drive creativity.

Another aspect of the magazine that I enjoy is the diversity of not only the people featured, but the writing staff. While none appear to be business owners, they all bring their unique thoughts and challenges to their style of writing. As for guests? You can go from Arianna Huffington to Tony Hsieh and then move on to Michael Douglas and back to Kendra Scott and Guy Fieri. Each one provides insight in to the minds of people you might not otherwise either know about or take the time to learn about.

The CD’s that come inside might seem an antiquated form of technology to some but I enjoy them. My car still has a CD player so I keep 3 years worth of CD’s (yup – big CD holder moment) and periodically pop one in. Got a long drive ahead of me? You can be sure I’m grateful for decent ways to occupy myself.

The website is well designed, easy to get around and provides an extension on what you’ve already learned from the magazine. Business giants like John C. Maxwell, Jim Rohn and ex-publisher Darren Hardy all weigh in through articles and video clips to round out your business research.

Read enough? Good thing there’s audio. Take a listen to my podcast on my evangelical adoration for Success Magazine. Ok. Not really. But I do really like it …


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