Get to Know Me: Let’s Go to the Movies!

Get To Know Me


I firmly believe that part of business success is sharing part of your real self. That includes on social media. I cannot stand following people only to discover that they entire content consists of top 5’s, webinar links and marketing messaging. Drives me clinical.

So in that spirit – meet me and my penchant for superheroes, movie theaters and my magical moment with Christopher Plummer. Yup – me and Captain Von Trapp had a moment. Granted he had no idea that I existed but having had a Sound of Music crush on him for over 20 years? I was fangirling all over the place.

Musicals. Superheroes. Sarcasm. Witty. Meaningful. Put me in a theatre with Fuzzy Peaches and the suspension of belief that the seat is clean and I’m a happy camper. Or I can hole up on the couch on a Saturday night after the house gets quiet and just escape in to whatever story is happening in front of me.

It’s my zen. Movies occuppy my mind so completely that it’s like a form of meditation. And if the movie isn’t doing that? Then I change the movie. Life is too short to sit through a movie that earns a shitbiscuit review (if you haven’t seen Deadpool and bad language offends, don’t click the link). So I choose my movies like I choose my content and my clients: quality over quantity.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully listening, and getting to know me a bit better. Back on Monday with more tips and tricks from this ‘treps life!

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